Experience the Wildlife of Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ

shutterstock_110833655There’s so much amazing wildlife in the White Mountains, including around Rainbow Lake, it would take pages and pages to name them all. We’ve done our best to name as many of the animals your kids will love having the chance to see and some of the easiest places to view or learn about the native wildlife here.

While it’s always exciting to see wild animals up close, you and your children should never feed any of the wildlife or approach one to try to catch or pet it. No matter how tame or friendly an animal seems, it’s still not safe. Even deer can be dangerous.

Also, wild animals aren’t starving. Just because animals who live in the wild tend to look skinnier than your pets, doesn’t mean they aren’t getting plenty of food. These animals know how to survive in the wild and feeding them actually makes the likelihood that an animal will attack humans increase.

Check Out Some of the Animals Who Call the White Mountains Home

From large mammals to small birds and even some snakes, there’s a possibility you and your family will catch a glimpse of at least some of the animals who live in the White Mountains of Arizona. Some of the wildlife you might see include:



The White Mountain Wildlife & Nature Center has Nature Discovery Programs and other events that are fun for everyone in the family and where you can learn more about the local wildlife, including hikes, workshops, and presentations. You can visit their website or call them at (928) 358-3069.

Arizona Wildlife Trails also has loads of information on where to view wildlife and the types of wildlife you might see. Their website has a section just for kids too.

If you’re hoping to see a bald eagle, sometimes there have been sightings from Rainbow Lake Retreat and the cabin is close to Eagle Point where they nest. You’re more likely to maybe see an eagle in the fall or winter months

As you can see from our lists of animals, Pinetop-Lakeside is home to more than just eagles and fish. You and your children will have a great time looking for wild animals when you stay at Rainbow Lake Retreat.

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